Rural Prosperity Initiative

Industry and Municipal Waste as Economic Drivers for Rural Innovation

Rural Innovation Forum March 10th, 2017 Clean Energy Technology Center, Drayton Valley

Municipal Rural Innovation Through “green projects”Guillaume Couillard, GMF Advisor, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Looking for inspiration? Need funding? This presentation will focus on the resource offers by FCM to help communities thrive by addressing local and national priorities—from reducing greenhouse gases to learning about innovative infrastructure practices and increasing the decision-making process for green infrastructure investments. View Presentation. 

Zero Waste for Municipalities Christina Seidel, Executive Director Recycling Council of Alberta

What is Zero Waste, and what are its environmental benefits? This session will review Zero Waste Principles and their application, including case study examples of municipalities who are embracing approaches to reduce their waste through policies and practices. The benefits achieved through these programs will also be highlighted. View Presentation.

Sustainable Bio-products from Waste Biomass Jamie Bakos, P.Eng. President & CEO Titan Clean Energy Projects Corporation

The demand for renewable bio-products is growing rapidly.  Waste biomass from renewable forestry fibre, agricultural residues, and municipal wood waste are being converted into a renewable bio-carbon often called biochar for new markets such as soil amendments, oil absorbents, biocomposites, remediation and reclamation, animal nutrition, and beauty products. Explore real-life commercial samples and discuss the vast market potential for renewable bio-carbon manufactured from waste biomass. View Presentation.

Bio-Processing and Thermochemical Innovations Adding Value to Waste Feedstocks Alex Hayes, Ph.D., P.Eng. Research Engineer, Bio-Processing Technologies Functional Unit

InnoTech Alberta, the applied research labs of the Alberta Government, has been actively involved in the research, development and deployment of novel bioenergy processes for almost two decades. Our Bio-Processing and Thermochemical Processing groups have significant experience in the recovery of energy and production of high-value organic fertilizers from Alberta’s organic residues via anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis. In this presentation, InnoTech Alberta provides an overview of its capabilities in the bioenergy space and, using dry batch anaerobic digestion as a case study, discusses how we work with rural municipalities to move novel technologies from concept to the marketplace. View Presentation.

Prototype testing of a new “off-grid” sanitation product: The Delta Comfort Station Dean Jones, Principal Investigator, Green Building Technologies Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Mike Worthington, President & CEO Worthington Construction Ltd.

SAIT Green Building Technologies is working with Worthington Construction on the development of an innovative, off-grid portable water closet designed for sanitation and safety in remote or environmentally sensitive areas. A successful example of applied research and green-product development that demonstrates how to utilize SAIT’s expertise in developing, commercializing, and monitoring of new products and technologies.View Presentation.

Integrating Alternative Energy Systems Michael Roppelt C.E.T., President & CEO GSS Integrated Energy Ltd.

The GSS designed alternative energy systems highlight the potential opportunities for low carbon energy technologies available for building and community developments in Canada. An example of alternative energy options within an Integrated Energy System will be provided. Multiple technologies in the example include:  Electrical and thermal energy generation, Thermal Energy Distribution, Thermal Energy Storage, Water conservation and re-use. View Presentation.

Waste Industrial Hemp Stocks as a Rural Economic Driver Dan Madlung, Owner Biocomposites Group Inc.

Alberta is the leading industrial hemp growing jurisdiction in North America. With 41 percent of the production in Canada. This crop is grown for grain and the stalks are currently waste products. There is a regional initiative in Drayton Valley-Leduc area to change that. With two company anchors BioComposite Group (Drayton Valley) and Hempco (Leduc County), several elected officials and economic development staff have come together to form a biocluster alliance. The biocluster will advance hemp value chain from farming, to processing to primary and secondary processing. Alberta fibre will be in automotive and green building products, bringing local jobs and regional prosperity. View Presentation.

Resources for Prosperity - An introduction to the Rural Prosperity Initiative with Case Study Example (Solar Aquatic) Lisa Maria Fox, Executive Director, Sustainability Resources

Sustainability Resources is committed to providing innovative solutions and resources to complex, multi-stakeholder challenges. By redefining processes, clustering and integrating solutions for green infrastructure, wastewater treatment, urban and rural development, we are able to address challenges and identify innovative opportunities for sustainability. View Presentation.

Accelerating Economic Development in Rural Alberta Kimberley Worthington, Executive Director Central Alberta Economic Partnership

Economic stability, diversity, and growth are vital to the future of our region. The Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) empowers member communities by providing tools, resources, and training to advance sustainable regional economic development at the local level. In doing so, Central Alberta municipalities benefit and the region as a whole increasingly becomes recognized across the nation as innovative and prosperous. View Presentation.

Delivering Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Provincial Incentive Funding Dean Turgeon RET, CGD, LEED AP President & CEO, Vital Engineering Corporation

There is vast opportunity in Alberta to deliver energy efficiency projects that are eligible for funding through a variety of mechanisms. It can be a challenge to navigate this space and uncover which funding is available and what the funding provides. With an extended portfolio of clients including, municipalities, Indigenous communities, not for profit agencies, universities and colleges, and private businesses, this presentation will illustrate the funding that can be uncovered and will display the unique applications of energy efficient technology through the use of project examples.View Presentation.

Developing Green Building Policies in Smaller Municipalities J. Ruby Cole, Regional Director and Dr. Azzeddine Oudjehane, Vice-Chair Chapter Leadership Board Alberta Chapter, Canada Green Building Council

This session introduces options and strategies for developing municipal green building policies, outlining challenges and opportunities, and funding programs and incentives for policy development. Topics that we will discuss include: Where to Incorporate Green Building Policies; LEED Equivalency Policies; Challenges and Opportunities to Green Building; Green Building as a Climate Change Solution; Policy Options for Consideration; and Green Building Incentive Programs. View Presentation.

Financing Innovation in Alberta Today Barb Puhacz, Venture Partner Stratagem Innovation Capital Partners

An overview of the financial and resource options available to entrepreneurs, business start-ups and communities to assist in the realization of innovation initiatives. In a complex and overlapping funding landscape, researching the options and knowing which is right for you is crucial in building the best strategy. View Presentation.

Rural Entrepreneurship & Unstoppable Youth  Green Hectares/Unstoppable Conversations

This session introduces participants to a unique and simple tool that identifies previously hidden reasons for community challenges and then, after dealing with the impact of what was hidden, creates a new foundation for partnership and action in the community.  This new foundation drives communities to create a new kind of future that is not limited by past experiences, baggage, and failures. This approach transforms how people think about the future and they discover a whole new capacity to make a difference inside a new way of working together. View Presentation.


These Rural Innovation Forums are carefully curated for local governments, industry leaders, economic development agencies, and technology innovators to create important relationships across sectors, learn about innovative solutions that are economically and environmentally sustainable; and to identify innovative and value-added projects, partnerships and opportunities in the region. 

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Rural Prosperity Initiative

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  • Identify opportunities and challenges of climate change
  • Create energy independence through clean energy generation

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