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Rural Prosperity Initiative 

Accelerating Innovation and Economic Diversification 

The Rural Prosperity Initiative is a program that has been designed to address known capacity gaps of rural communities in adopting sustainable solutions for water, waste and energy by showcasing potential solutions, identifying regional opportunities, and providing access to resources.  

This program aligns and supports provincial and federal policy and program goals for creating climate resilience (New 2018), reducing of greenhouse gas emissions, whilst promoting economic prosperity and accelerating the uptake of innovative and alternative energy, waste, and water solutions.

Rural Prosperity Initiative

Rural Prosperity Initiative Program Goals

To build the knowledge and awareness of rural communities of the economic development opportunities and benefits of co-locating and partnering with industry solution providers

To assess the effectiveness of sustainability plans and actions to achieve measurable results

To help communities identify, evaluate climate risks and implement projects that will reduce GHG; reduce waste; improve and retain the supply of clean water; accelerate economic development; and create energy independence through clean energy generation

To leverage and redeploy best available technologies and practices

To deploy sustainability as a tool in economic diversification

Sustainability Resources and our Program Partners will work together to assess progress and help communities identify, evaluate and implement projects that can reduce GHG; reduce waste; improve and retain the supply of clean water; accelerate economic development; and create energy independence through clean energy generation. We can help communities measure, manage, and create impact!

Host your Rural Innovation Forum Today! 

We have committed funding to support coordination of Rural Innovation Forums and are accepting applications and expressions of interest from communities, economic development agencies, and regional associations to host a "kick-start" forum to identify innovators, resources, and projects that will transform their region and boost local economies. Contact us. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are available for industry, government, and financial partners that support a broad diversity of projects, innovations, and solutions. Individual technical solution providers, and companies specific to one brand or one solution are encouraged to participate in the events, join our Innovation Hub and become an Exhibitor. We endeavour to provide a level field of influence on local and provincial decision makers and agencies. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Exhibitor Opportunities

Showcase your innovation, or market your services and resources to rural municipal decision makers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and more!  Registered Exhibitors and Resource Providers are  invited to participate and host an onsite exhibit at one of our upcoming Rural Innovation Forums! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are Committed to Resourcing Sustainability

Our role is to broker collaboration between all three levels of government (federal, provincial, and municipal); find and facilitate government, industry, and agency funding and investment partnerships; and, source technical, scientific and regulatory solutions to accelerate innovation and rural sustainability. 

Resources offered through the Rural Prosperity Initiative are designed to streamline the process for municipalities, these include: 

  • Sustainability AuditsLesser Slave Lake Forum
  • Climate Resilience Planning
  • Project Identification Workshops
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Grant Funding Applications
  • Regulatory Pathway Navigation
  • Verification Protocol Development
  • Financing Solutions
  • Project Development
  • Implementation Support

Sponsor, Exhibit, Participate, and Learn more about This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This program would not be possible without the support of the following organizations!

 Rural Prosperity Initiative Partners

Upcoming Events

Our Affiliates

 3 Point Environmental

Reducing our carbon footprint! Corporate, Industrial, Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Green Buildings LEEDv4, 2009: NC, CI, EBOM, ND, BuiltGreen High Density, BOMA Best, WELL Buildings, Energy Modelling, Commissioning

  • Environmental Compliance From water crossings to waste management, indoor air quality to ISO 14001 - our team helps you play by the green rules

  • Sustainability Green policies, procurement, energy upgrades? We've got a tool for your business


Endeavour Scientific

Scientific Support for Innovation, Resource Management, and Sustainability

  • Knowledge Translation: Stakeholder engagement, government relations, or designing systems for accessing scientific evidence for large organizations.

  • Government Relations: Identify technical consultants, represent your organization’s interests, identify policy options and perform technical reviews of policy proposals.

  • Scientific Reviews: Reviewing issues or particular reports for scientific rigour. 

  • Educational Resources: Evidence-based decision making, environmental monitoring, the scientific method, and evaluating scientific evidence. 

  • Technical Writing:  Ensure clarity, adherence to application requirements, and that all knowledge translation aspects are addressed.

Rural Prosperity Initiative

Accelerating Rural Economies

  • Identify, evaluate and implement projects that can reduce GHG
  • Reduce waste & improve and retain the supply of clean water
  • Accelerate economic development, attract investment
  • Identify opportunities and challenges of climate change
  • Create energy independence through clean energy generation

Rural Innovation Forums

Showcase solutions for Rural Prosperity - network with solution providers! 

Lethbridge Rural Innovation Forum

Lesser Slave Lake Rural Innovation Forum

Drayton Valley Rural Innovation Forum

Okotoks Rural Innovation Forum

Wheatland Region Rural Innovation Forum

 Learn more! 

Rural Prosperity Initiative Partners

What are they saying about Sustainability Resources and our programs?

  • Ken Lehman, City of Red Deer

    Lisa has great knowledge and is very well spoken
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