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    Sustainability Resources

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    Professional Resources

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    Showcasing Sustainable Solutions

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Sustainability Assessments provide a snapshot of current energy and water use and the associated costs, and set out recommendations for saving energy and reducing waste; minimizing or repurposing municipal and/or processing wastes; and conserving and reusing water.

Sustainability Assessments provide an opportunity to compare retrofit options by illustrating which upgrades will save the most energy, water, and/or waste; which have the quickest payback, and which may be eligible for financial incentives. This is helpful as our clients prioritize projects and make decisions about equipment purchases.

Sustainability Assessments for Energy, Waste and Water can lead to increased efficiencies, higher gross revenues, adoption of environmental best practices, and improve the likelihood of the uptake or investment in innovative and more sustainable operating systems.

Energy, Waste and Water Sustainability Assessments

FarmsteadEnergy Sustainability Assessments include a breakdown of what exactly happens to the energy purchased, provides detail about input costs, and reveals areas of inefficiency. These energy assessments will include the use of a RetScreen analysis to develop recommendations for how to improve efficiencies, and what the payback will be on equipment retrofits. Recommendations from the assessments are often eligible for a variety of efficiency and innovation funding programs. 

Waste Assessments for Agriculture include characterization of waste, agricultural and livestock residuals, processing efficiencies, and opportunities for reuse and recovery of waste. Recommendations from the Waste Assessment may contribute irrigationto an Environmental Farm Management Plan and are often eligible for funding through the Growing Forward and Alberta Innovates Voucher Program.

Water Conservation Assessments and Irrigation Efficiency Assessments includes a detailed water use audit and efficiency analysis. Reporting and recommendations may contribute to an Environmental Farm Management Plan, sector-based Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plans (reporting to the Alberta Water Council); and could be eligible for funding through the Growing Forward Program.

Innovation Support for Integrating Energy, Water and Waste Management Systems on completion of each of the Sustainability Assessments for Water, Waste and Energy; you may be eligible for further funding for integrated, or innovative solutions through the Rural Prosperity Initiative (a combination of funding, and resource supports provided through Sustainability Resources Ltd., a select group of funders, and our Corporate Affiliates).

Corporate Profile of Sustainability Resources – Project Lead

Sustainability Resources is non-profit consortium of sustainability professionals with a focus on Environmental Management Planning and Integrated Sustainability Planning and Implementation Support for Water, Waste and Energy; and Strategic Development and Capacity Building for Rural Decision Makers and their Agriculture and Agri-processing Industries.

We are a recognized leader in showcasing solutions, and bridging the capacity gaps with education and professional resources to assist local governments, corporate, and industry leaders to achieve sustainability. Our Pathways 2 Sustainability Conferences have achieved national recognition and are attended by hundreds of local government leaders, corporate strategists, and academics. 

We Source Sustainable Solutions for Complex Problems

We build a-la-carte professional teams and partner with affiliate companies that are solution driven to help municipalities and their technology partners navigate regulatory and financial processes for innovative green technologies.

Our programs have engaged local government, as well as their community and industry leaders from over 60 municipalities in Alberta with participation of over 2500 in restoration projects, sustainable community conferences, and rural innovation forums.

Our Project Team includes subcontracting from 3-Point Environmental, an Affiliate of Sustainability Resources that specializes in design, construction of Sustainable and LEED Green Buildings, Compliance Reporting with ISO 14001, and Environmental Management Systems.

Our Combined Expertise  Efficiency Opportunities

Part of our core competency is working on the reduction of client’s carbon footprint via various strategies. We also draw on our associates from other partners who come to the table with significant experience (15+ years) in Primary Energy Assessment's for large manufacturing firms and primary farms.

Our in-house energy modeller is a Mechanical Engineer who performs design, compliance and code (NECB 2011) energy models on a variety of building types, from schools and office buildings, to warehouses and wineries. Our team can size various commercial and industrial equipment, and the analysis of electrical and heating loads is standard practice.

Many of our projects incorporate renewables such as solar PV, solar hot water, wind, and geothermal (ground source heat pumps), water reuse, and waste-to-energy systems. 

For more information please contact us! 

Our Affiliates

 3 Point Environmental

Reducing our carbon footprint! Corporate, Industrial, Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Green Buildings LEEDv4, 2009: NC, CI, EBOM, ND, BuiltGreen High Density, BOMA Best, WELL Buildings, Energy Modelling, Commissioning

  • Environmental Compliance From water crossings to waste management, indoor air quality to ISO 14001 - our team helps you play by the green rules

  • Sustainability Green policies, procurement, energy upgrades? We've got a tool for your business


Endeavour Scientific

Scientific Support for Innovation, Resource Management, and Sustainability

  • Knowledge Translation: Stakeholder engagement, government relations, or designing systems for accessing scientific evidence for large organizations.

  • Government Relations: Identify technical consultants, represent your organization’s interests, identify policy options and perform technical reviews of policy proposals.

  • Scientific Reviews: Reviewing issues or particular reports for scientific rigour. 

  • Educational Resources: Evidence-based decision making, environmental monitoring, the scientific method, and evaluating scientific evidence. 

  • Technical Writing:  Ensure clarity, adherence to application requirements, and that all knowledge translation aspects are addressed.

Rural Prosperity Initiative

Accelerating Rural Economies

  • Identify, evaluate and implement projects that can reduce GHG
  • Reduce waste & improve and retain the supply of clean water
  • Accelerate economic development, attract investment
  • Identify opportunities and challenges of climate change
  • Create energy independence through clean energy generation

Rural Innovation Forums

Showcase solutions for Rural Prosperity - network with solution providers! 

Lethbridge Rural Innovation Forum

Lesser Slave Lake Rural Innovation Forum

Drayton Valley Rural Innovation Forum

Okotoks Rural Innovation Forum

Wheatland Region Rural Innovation Forum

 Learn more! 

What are they saying about Sustainability Resources and our programs?

  • City of Calgary Participant

    "Great Workshop! Dr. Carla Davidson is an interesting speaker and encouraged lots of discussion - the open discussion keeps the session very interesting"
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Our programs and initiatives would not be possible with out the support of our amazing partners!