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    Sustainability Resources

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    Professional Resources

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    Showcasing Sustainable Solutions

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Our Community Learning Partners

Municipalities, Counties, Rural Communities

Communities have been tasked with the impressive challenge of integrating sustainability into the ways that we design our communities and manage our resources.

What does sustainability mean for a municipality?  What are the tools to implement a community sustainability plan? How can all community stakeholders be brought onto the same page?

Sustainability Resources can help identify practical solutions for sustainability! 

Implementation Support for Sustainability Plans

Sustainability Resources has developed a four point assessment and reporting strategy to advance community sustainability plans at any stage. The strategy includes:

    1. Community Systems Analysis - we assess your community sustainability goals against your existing operational strategies, local initiatives, and infrastructure management.
    2. Indicators of Achievement - we work with you to develop indicators of achievement that measure your impact in each one of your sustainability pillars (economic, environmental, social).
    3. Community Sustainability Action Plan - we help identify highest impact activities in short, medium and long term and work with your community stakeholders to confirm actionable targets and associated actions.
    4. Measuring and Reporting Success - we provide your community with a measurement framework to assist with the reporting to key stakeholders, funders, and the public.

Next Generation Planning - Is your Community Ready?

Looking to renew or extend implementation of your community sustainability plan?

  • Sustainability planning has entered into a new era for communities across Canada.ICSP Community Sustainability Planning
  • Planning is an integrated process that starts with a vision and continues through actions to improve and sustain our quality and standards of living.
  • Proactively address risks concerns associated with sustainability and climate change and be positioned to effectively seize opportunities toward a carbon constrained economy.
  • The pathway to realizing opportunities to advance and sustain community interests are closely related to the environment, economic and social prosperity.
  • Community clean tech, green energy initiatives, climate change adaptation planning present strong growth prospects in Alberta that can be pursued through current perspectives in sustainability planning.

Community Sustainability Assessments

  • Environmental, social and economic factors play key roles in how communities manage their operations, yet are often not well understood or regularly reported on in any sustainability baseline assessment

Integrating Sustainability

  • Identify opportunities and deliver sustainability strategies throughout your community programs and operations that deliver overall triple bottom line benefits

We work closely with our clients to share new directions in sustainability planning, assess existing conditions and community assets, develop visions for the future, and identify opportunities for community sustainability.

We support communities to pursue financial resources through a variety of programs such as the Green Municipal Fund of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Energy Efficiency Alberta for plans and projects that improve air quality, water, and soil assets, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.


Rural Prosperity Initiative

Accelerating Rural Economies

  • Identify, evaluate and implement projects that can reduce GHG
  • Reduce waste & improve and retain the supply of clean water
  • Accelerate economic development, attract investment
  • Create energy independence through clean energy generation

Rural Innovation Forums

Showcase solutions for Rural Prosperity - network with solution providers! 

Lethbridge Rural Innovation Forum

Lesser Slave Lake Rural Innovation Forum

Drayton Valley Rural Innovation Forum

 Learn more! 

Our Affiliates

 3 Point Environmental

Reducing our carbon footprint! Corporate, Industrial, Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Green Buildings LEEDv4, 2009: NC, CI, EBOM, ND, BuiltGreen High Density, BOMA Best, WELL Buildings, Energy Modelling, Commissioning

  • Environmental Compliance From water crossings to waste management, indoor air quality to ISO 14001 - our team helps you play by the green rules

  • Sustainability Green policies, procurement, energy upgrades? We've got a tool for your business


Endeavour Scientific

Scientific Support for Innovation, Resource Management, and Sustainability

  • Knowledge Translation: Stakeholder engagement, government relations, or designing systems for accessing scientific evidence for large organizations.

  • Government Relations: Identify technical consultants, represent your organization’s interests, identify policy options and perform technical reviews of policy proposals.

  • Scientific Reviews: Reviewing issues or particular reports for scientific rigour. 

  • Educational Resources: Evidence-based decision making, environmental monitoring, the scientific method, and evaluating scientific evidence. 

  • Technical Writing:  Ensure clarity, adherence to application requirements, and that all knowledge translation aspects are addressed.

What are they saying about Sustainability Resources and our programs?

  • Ken Lehman, City of Red Deer

    Lisa has great knowledge and is very well spoken
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