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Our Community Learning Partners

Watershed Resources 2015 - 2016

Our a-la-carte educational resources for watershed sustainability are designed to facilitate capacity building, professional development, policy and planning, and mobilization of best available technologies.
Sustainability Resources has also designed Riparian Restoration Field Workshops to build community capacity for watershed management. Learn more about ourĀ Riparian Restoration Program

1/2 Day A-la-carte Professional Development Seminars

  1. Water Conservation:
    Creating a Municipal Water Conservation Plan
    • Learn about policies and bylaws
    • Structure your own Community Based Social Marketing Program
    • Learn about the impacts of retrofit programs
    • Measuring and reporting on your success
  2. Rainwater Capture and Storage
    • Regulatory and best Practices Review
    • Practical Applications & Case Studies
  3. Source Water Protection
    - Provincial and Municipal Policy and Regulatory Review
    • Watershed Planning
    • Municipal Infrastructure Planning
  4. Wastewater and Stormwater Re-Use for Communities
    • Regulatory and best Practices Review
    • Practical Applications & Case Studies
  5. Climate Change and Water Management
    - Creating Resilience for Communities
    • Flood Plain Management and Changing Regulations
    • Land Use Planning for Water Sustainability
    • Drought Mitigation Planning
  6. Water Sustainability for Developers
    • Water Reuse at the Development Scale
    • Green Roofs and Storm Water Management
    • Low Impact Development
    • Water System Efficiencies for Buildings

*All of our Seminars include presentations from a diversity of experts in related fields and are led by Senior Resource Associates of SRL.

What are they saying about Sustainability Resources and our programs?

  • Jill McDonald, Teacher at Strathmore High School

    "Great facilitator! I liked that there was both general information and we looked at some specific case studies
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