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Our resources for watershed sustainability are designed to facilitate capacity building, professional development, policy and planning, and mobilization of best available technologies. Sustainability Resources has designed Riparian Restoration Field Workshops to build community capacity for watershed management.

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Riparian Restoration & Habitat Conservation

The primary objective of this program is to conduct well-informed restoration activities and build the capacity of decision makers to implement best available practices for improving watershed quality. Sustainability Resources is known for providing quality learning experiences to support community sustainability and resource management.

We are pleased to lead the coordination of the Riparian Restoration Program with partners in government, ENGOs, industry, and especially the community.

Since 2014 we have hosted nine Field Workshops  in three municipalities with almost 100 volunteers, community leaders and industry experts, planted over 2700 native shrubs, and restored over 8670 m2 of streambank! 

With the great support of a local nursery, we have been able to re-introduce native species that include sandbar willow, red osier dogwood, dwarf birch, river alder, pussy willow, snowberry, balsam poplar, and trembling aspen to support revegetation of sensitive streambanks. 

This program is very unique in that we bring in watershed experts, community decision makers (local government), industry volunteers, and landowners to work side-by-side restoring watershed habitat and protecting our communities from floods, droughts, and helping to restore landscapes from some of the unintentional impacts of agriculture and development. We also get to celebrate our achievements by sharing local food in a fun out-door educational environment.

This program wouldn't be possible without the dedicated support of our many volunteers, and commitment of our partners: 

  • Government of Alberta - Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program
  • Government of Canada - Environmental Damages Fund
  • Alberta Conservation Association
  • Wright Nursery
  • Town of Black Diamond
  • Town of Turner Valley
  • Trexiana Distributors

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The Riparian Restoration Program is supported in policy by Part 3, Divisions 1 and 5 of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA).

Division 1 states research and development, including pilot projects, of conservation stewardship will be supported and Division 5 enables the application of conservation offsets as a conservation and stewardship tool. Biodiversity and habitat offsets remain an important component for mitigating anthropogenic impacts to aquatic systems. Fisheries Protection Provisions in the 2012 revisions to the Fisheries Act (section 6.1) have deemed habitat and biodiversity offsets as a key component of Canada’s fisheries regulation. When habitat that is deemed vital for commercial, recreational or Aboriginal (CRA) fisheries, is destroyed; habitat/biodiversity offsets are required to ensure No Net Loss in fisheries productivity. It is unclear as of yet which offsetting strategies will provide sustainability and ongoing productivity of CRA fisheries and proponents are given little guidance on offset site selection and must consult with environmental professionals to select offset locations.

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