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P2S Calgary's Round Tables on Sustainability

Over the past 5 years, over 1000 people have participated in Calgary’s Pathways 2 Sustainability initiative. Calgary hosted its first Pathways Conference and Leadership in Sustainability Awards in 2013.

Calgary's Round Tables on Sustainability provide an opportunity to explore the Built Environment pillar of imagineCalgary, and more specifically tackle one of the key challenges identified at the 2013 P2S Conference:

"How do we create complete communities and address energy poverty, reduce high costs and time loss of transportation, and advance innovation and social well-being in our communities?" 

The P2S Calgary Future Cities Conference (June 2015) was round-up showcase of innovation and leadership identified throughout the year and contained a solution-harvest to address challenges of moving towards sustainability in the built environment. 

Past Events

Building a Sustainable City in the New Economy: Calgary’s Sustainability Advantage

Climate variation, a changing economy, and population growth are just some of the challenges facing municipalities across Canada….

This Round Table on Sustainability was hosted by the University of Calgary and Sustainability Resources to help decision makers identify trends, innovations, and solutions in urban design, energy, transportation, building, and community planning helping Calgary transition to the new economy and be a sustainable, livable, and resilient city! Keynote: Bob Willard The Business Case for Sustainability in Calgary.

Future Cities I: Sub-Urban Development and Transportation

This Round Table was hosted at McKenzie Town Hall with our panellists Gian-Carlo Carra (Ward 9 Alderman), Michael Pepper (Section23 Group), Doug Leighton (Brookfield Residential), and Brian Breukelman (WSP) to review the barriers to sustainable suburban development and identify solutions.

Future Cities II: Inner-city Development and Housing & Food

This Round Table at Art Evolution was filled with urban planning experts, elected officials, and community builders to talk about those challenges we face when planning and creating new developments in established communities. This panel included Druh Farrell (Ward 7 Alderman), Chris Ollenberger (QuantumPlace Developments), Alison Karim-McSwiney (International Avenue BRZ), Jaydan Tait (Brookfield Residential), Matthias Tita (City of Calgary), and Sonny Tomic (CitySense Design).

Future Cities III: Energy Resilience in our Built Environment

This Round Table was hosted at ENMAX District Energy Building to discuss innovations in urban energy management and building design. This Round Table will explore the complexities of creating energy resilience in Calgary’s urban and suburban communities. This panel included Pat Bohan, Director of District Energy and Combined Heat and Power at ENMAX, Lindsey Kindrat, Executive Director of 3 Point Environmental, and Patrick Arnell, Technical Director of Sustainable Urban Development at WorleyParsons

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