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Friday June 16th 8:00am - 5:00pm The Day SHIFT!

The Future of Economy, Living and Working, Energy and Food, Getting Around!

Erin Bird, B.Sc., Eng. Fair Trade Calgary

Topic: We are Global Citizens

Erin Bird, Fair Trade CalgaryAbstract: The most important concept people need to understand is the shift from excess to mindful-focused impact. In a society where cheaper, faster, and at whatever cost to others is the focus, it is time that we shift more to fair pay, minimalism, slower living, and invest in products, services, and amenities that have social impact and make our lives meaningfully better both as an individual as well as a global citizen. What does this look like? Riding our bike to work instead of sending fossil fuels into the air, taking time to grow our food or think about where it comes from rather than purchasing bulk products at the exploitation of others, making sure our purchases are done out of necessity, not out of boredom.

Biography: I am a civil engineer working for the City and in my spare time I am involved with Fair Trade Calgary, part of Engineers Without Borders, and am working on a campaign to get Calgary designated as a Fair Trade Town.

Tony Churchill, City of Calgary

Topic: Future of Transportation in Calgary

Tony Churchill, City of CalgaryBiography: As a senior transportation engineer I am leading a team within Roads Traffic Engineering. In this position, I am responsible for responding to safety concerns, leading the development and administration of a traffic safety action plan, preparing an annual traffic safety report card and completing safety reviews and evaluations. Development of a traffic safety action plan will involve significant coordination with other business units within the City, the Calgary Police Service, the health region, Alberta Transportation, and other stakeholders including road safety advocacy groups and communities.

Patti Dolan, SAGE Investment Advisors of Raymond James Ltd.

Topic: Capital with Purpose, Investments with Intention

Abstract: The most important concept people need to understand about living in the future city of Calgary is that we need to shift towards Capital with Purpose - Investments with Intention.

Patti Dolan, Raymond Wealth ManagementBiography: Patti Dolan is a portfolio manager with SAGE Investment Advisors, Raymond James Ltd., based in Calgary. Patti has been in the investment industry for over 30 years and has practiced Responsible Investing (RI) since 1995. Patti works with individuals, families, nonprofits and foundations in aligning their investments to their values.   Patti serves on the national Board of Directors for the Responsible Investment Association as Secretary. She is a board member of Vibrant Communities Calgary a nonprofit organization that advocates for long- term strategies that address the root causes of poverty in Calgary, University of Calgary Sustainable Investment Committee, a member of the Women’s Executive Network and a proud member REAP Calgary a sustainable business organization. Patti is a leadership faculty member of the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Institute, The Conference Board of Canada. Patti is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, Certified International Wealth Manager, Charter Investment Manager, Certified Responsible Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, she also holds a Series 7 & 63 US license. Patti teaches a responsible and impact investment course at Ambrose University.

Oscar Flechas, Architect, AAA AIBC CPHD MRAIC LEED®AP Flechas Architecture

Topic: Passive House 

Oscar Flechas, Passive HouseBiography: Oscar is an Architect with a wide range of experience in various sectors and on different scale projects. He’s an early adopter of the Passive House standard, and his firm now strive to design buildings that meet or use the principles required by the standard in each of the projects. Passionate about low-energy and low carbon buildings for the future generations, Oscar is one of the few architects certified as Passive House Designer in Alberta and embraces most tools that encourage better building standards to help achieve greener buildings in Canada. He’s also the architect for the first institutional Passive House in Alberta, the Valley View Town Hall.          

Maggie Hanna, Bsc Geology, Common Ground Energy

Topic: Post Carbon Energy Future

Maggie Hanna, Technology ScoutAbstract: The most important concept people need to understand about living in the future city of Calgary is regarding our post-carbon energy future. The Silver Bullet of oil and gas MUST be progressively replaced by the Silver Buckshot of Renewables combined with Gen IV Nuclear Reactors. A big problem is the lack of public acceptance of nuclear energy because their attitudes and knowledge of the nuclear industry is rooted in the 1970's. All Nuclear Bad! But times change and technology changes. The right reactor for the job, combined with renewable energy sources and grid level battery systems is a well-reasoned path forward to a robust, resilient post-carbon energy future. We will talk about the awesome differences between the old uranium reactors and the new FLIBE Molten Salt reactors, that make them safe, and desirable as part of our energy solution.

Biography: Maggie has a 30 year career in Oil and Gas exploration as a Professional Geologist, Maggie is now an Innovation and Technology Scout for Energy Industries with an emphasis on Sustainability, post-fossil fuel energy systems. Her favourite phrase is, "What if....?" to elicit possibilities for the future. Often called the "Future Girl", for her ability to extrapolate current technology under development into the coming energy systems, Maggie helps connect these technologies with the right people who can speed up their arrival in the present. She stands for the integration of science and spirit, is an explorer of almost anything,  is highly curious, and believes there is no such thing as a stupid question. Broad and wide ranging knowledge of "sciencey stuff", she wishes to lend her gifts, talents, and skills and connections to forward thinking projects that make good environmental and economic sense, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Bob McInnis, Remarkable People

Topic: Personal and Social Responsibility

Bob McInnis, Remarkable PeopleAbstract: The most important concept people need to understand about living in the future city of Calgary is that if Calgarians embrace the ‘make it your problem’ philosophy and practice, we can demonstrate that we are capable, show that we are caring and cause a shift in the fabric of the safety net. Together we face social, environmental and relational issues that seem unsolvable at the population level but fixable in the face-to-face arena.

Biography: Founder of Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids, activist, writer, blogger.

Dave Milia MBA CET, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary

Topic: The Energy Trilemna

David Milia, Haskayne School of BusinessBiography: David Milia has over 14 years of oil and gas experience within multiple disciplines. He began his career in surveying and exploration, transitioned to engineering procurement and construction management and progressed into project management. Milia’s career included time at EnCana, later Cenovus, handling their engineering procurement and construction management coordination, documentation controls, and GIS special projects. Milia also served as the Academic Chair for the BSc in construction project management at SAIT and sat on the Board of Directors for aceBIM. Milia holds a dual undergraduate degree, a technical diploma and a dual MBA focused in global energy management and sustainability, and project management.  He is also a Certified Engineering Technologist under ASET.

Lisa Patterson, Permaculture Guild of Calgary

Topic: The Resilience Lifestyle

Lisa Patterson, Permaculture GuildAbstract: Permaculture helps us to design smarter habitats for humans that are in harmony with and modeled through nature. By using rigorous design practices, permaculture helps us to capture and store energy and water, employ biology to assist us in meeting our needs, create community - the heart of resilience, and put an end to waste. Permaculture includes rainwater harvesting, solar energy, growing food, composting, and creating food and habitat for all types of beneficial insects. In order to be resilient in the future, we need to start building the foundation now. Skills such as growing and storing food in the city are going to be essential if there is a disruption to the daily food trucks arriving at the neighbourhood grocery store. These are some of the skills we develop and share at the Calgary Permaculture Guild. We can build more resilient communities and design yards and homes that are net producers. We already know how. We just need to start!

Biography: I live in an off-grid solar-powered straw bale house that my partner and I designed and built just outside Calgary. I am a purveyor of permaculture in and around Calgary, gardener and farmer

Paul Pryce MA Political & Economic Advisor to the Consul General of Japan in Calgary

Topic: Social Responsibility in the Future

Paul PryceAbstract: Paul sometimes gets a little carried away volunteering. He is the Provincial Advocate for Cystic Fibrosis Canada, as well as serving on the boards of the Alberta Council of Technologies, the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra, Calgary Legal Guidance, and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce's Indigenous Opportunities Committee.

The most important concept people need to understand about living in the future city of Calgary is that Calgarians are some of the most charitable people in Canada when it comes to donating their time. In 2013, Calgarians donated an average of 161 hours each to causes dear to them. This is with good reason: volunteering is important to building a sense of community. But volunteering is on the decline among some age demographics, particularly those over the age of 45, according to Statistics Canada. Calgary can show leadership by finding ways to further incentivize volunteering, such as establishing (or encouraging the federal/provincial levels of government to establish) a tax credit or basic income to reward those who give to their community. This is especially important for those approaching retirement, who are more likely to experience feelings of social isolation and depression and who are understandably anxious as to how far their savings can carry them through life.  A growing body of medical research indicates that volunteering can in fact combat depression, often creating feelings of social connection. Meanwhile, volunteering can improve the overall health of Calgary as the social sector (specifically not-for-profits) step in to fill the service gap left by the public and private sectors. With a tax credit or basic income for volunteering, Calgary could exceed an annual average of 200 volunteer hours per person, ensuring a healthy, vibrant, and connected community.

Connie Stacey Founder BA PMP, Growing Greener Innovations

Topic: Incremental and Perpetual Change is the Future

Connie, Growing Greener InnovationsAbstract: There is no resting on our laurels; no waiting for perfect solutions, there is no finish line. Our societal and physical landscapes are constantly changing and we have to adapt what we do and how we do it. Disruptive Technologies are a catalyst for changing human behaviour. We need to constantly search for cleaner ways of living and using energy, disrupting old patterns of behaviour. What effect will Disruptive Energies have on the way cities manage the consumption of energy? It starts with camping grounds banning emission producing small gas engines, which will eventually lead to people buying alternative energy sources. We have to evolve with technology just as technology is always adapting to our needs.

Josh Taron, EVDS Laboratory for Integrative Design

Title: Architecture Shapes Experience

Josh Taron, EVDS Laboratory for Integrative DesignBiography: Josh is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Co-director of the laboratory for Integrative Design at the University of Calgary's Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS). Director, Synthetiques Research & Design Inc., and is currently serving on the City of Calgary's Waste and Consumption working group (Climate Change Mitigation Plan)

Abstract: The most important concept that we need to understand to make the shift to a sustainable future in the new economy is to understand that architecture does more than shape the way people see and experience the world - we also need to understand that architecture shapes the way that infrastructural systems see and experience one another. Currently infrastructure is designed and engineered using a competitive model that undermines the full potential of urban environments. We will discuss the idea behind a collaborative design-based model for infrastructural design while reviewing a selection of recent projects developed in the Laboratory for Integrative Design.

Ryan Martinson, Stantec

Topic: Autonomous Vehicles

Ryan MartinsonAbstract: Let’s not sight of our human-ness' with respect to autonomous vehicles

Biography: Ryan is a transportation engineer who is focused on urban transportation issues and designs based on the human scale. His use of systems-, critical-, and design-thinking has allowed him to work on a variety of scales of projects with clients all over the world. Ryan is passionate about changing the world we live in and the absurdity that we have come to call 'normal' so that his kids, and everyone else's, can live in a place that is better than how we received it.

Jim Gibson, Rain Forest Group

Topic: The New Era

Jim Gibson, Rainforest GroupAbstract: I believe we are entering a new era of Innovation and Disruption that is being fuelled by exponential technologies and challenged by our centuries old linear models of organization. 

Biography: I have spent 30 years being at the center of technology’s evolution and adoption across the world. I have formed companies in spaces that didn’t exist prior to starting the business. I have succeeded – in varying ways and degrees - in most, and failed in some. I have been on the front lines of the very complex and difficult process of building real companies. I have put my company’s payroll on my VISA and I have raised millions in start-up capital. Complementing my entrepreneurial and capital investment is my Management Consultant designation (CMC) along with a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting and an MBA in Finance. With this I understand both the accounting and the real balance sheets of the companies with whom I engage. 

Elizabeth Saunders, Bishop Pinkham Junior High School

Topic: Calgary, Canada is our Place – our Responsibility

Elizabeth Saunders, Youth CalgaryAbstract: The most important concept people need to understand about living in the future city of Calgary is not to take what we have in this city and country for granted and to work to make it better.

Biography: A 13 year old, French immersion Junior High student, Elizabeth plays tenor drum in Ogden Legion pipe band. She is a rock climber, runner, and cyclist. Elizabeth has had the privilege of participating in the International Children's Summer Village camps twice: Summer 2015 in Czech Republic and Summer 2016 in San Paolo, Brazil.

Elizabeth had an awaking moment when she realized how incredibly safe it was to be a Canadian when a Mexican friend at the Brazil Summer Village was amazed to discover that Elizabeth was safe to walk and play on the streets of Calgary when she was never allowed to be on the street in Mexico without her mother or a protective adult.

Transpod Hyperloop

Topic: Reinventing Transportation

Transpod HyperloopAbstract: TransPod is designing the world's leading hyperloop system to make ultra-high-speed ground transportation a reality. The system will move people faster, with dramatically reduced fossil fuel consumptions. Our vision is a world in which people, cities, and businesses are connected with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable.

The TransPod hyperloop will serve both the passenger and cargo transportation markets, with a focus on countries challenged by aging infrastructure, high-density populations, and a need for transportation innovation. TransPod's target market is the one-trillion-plus dollar global transportation sector with a first major project in Canada to connect major metropolitan areas.

Lunch Keynote David Addison, Manager Virgin Earth Challenge, Virgin Group

David Addison, Virgin EarthDavid works for the Virgin Group, where he manages the Virgin Earth Challenge: Sir Richard Branson’s $25M innovation prize for scalable and sustainable ways of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. He is a proud Geography graduate, and also has an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

Abstract: Exploring the Virgin Earth challenge and why a company like Virgin would engage in such an activity and how it is shaping upHow the media approaches ‘good’ work being done by powerful brands. Learn about the role of the large corporation in the future of a rapidly shifting world and key projects for the future like the Drawdown plan and how they are going to help us make the shiftTrends and opportunities that people and organizations in Calgary should be involving themselves in.



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