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June 17th Everyone SHIFT 

This is “Everyone’s Shift”, where Calgarians of all ages come to explore our path to 2017, be inspired by local future-focused businesses and organizations, and learn what they can do to help #SHIFT Calgary into the 21st century.

Exhibitors will be grouped according to the four challenges addressed during the Day Shift (Future of Economy, Future of Energy, Future of Living and Working, and the Future of Getting Around), and will have participatory and hands-on displays which work to build capacity and spark creative innovation at the household and community levels. High tech and low-tech solutions will round out the experience, with visions supplied by schoolchildren of how they view their future city.

Building off the direction of Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan, participants will be able to locate their favourite local business or organization on a web linking the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help curate solutions to community issues and break down the silos between similar service providers. They will fill in outlines of their communities to create a road map towards sustainable success at the local level, and find ways to incorporate Calgary’s New Economy into their daily lives.

If your organization has an innovation that cannot be left out of Calgary’s 21st century fabric, we invite you to submit a proposal for exhibit. Indoor and outdoor spaces are available, outdoor exhibitors must be prepared to supply a tent for their area in case of rain. Deadline for exhibitors to submit an expression of interest: May 15th

Participatory experience is a must, we will offer space to organizations who can supply the people of Calgary with a reality-shifting experience or a tool which they can take with them to help SHIFT Calgary to its new future socially, environmentally, or economically.

Showcase your innovation! 

Hosted at and in front of the historic St. Louis Hotel in East Village this interactive exhibition is an opportunity to showcase Calgary's Leaders in innovation, urban design, community building, and sustainability. We have only 50 exhibitor spaces available for this exclusive event.

Event Exhibit $200 | Non Profit $50 

Contact Kim Warnke, SHIFT Event Co-Lead This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Thank you to our Past P2S Champions, Partners, Sponsors