Leadership and Investment Solutions for Rural Infrastructure

November 9th 9:40am - 10:20am Plenary Session Moderated by Kelly Lloyd, Coordinator of Strategic Affairs for the Town of Olds 

This session showcased the pathway that some rural communities are taking to own essential infrastructure like power, fibre optics, and other economic development drivers that create and drive investment opportunities in rural economies. 

Rural and Integrated Solutions for Water, Waste, and Energy

November 9th 11:10 - 12:10pm Plenary Session Moderated by Lisa M. Fox, Executive Director of Sustainability Resources ltd. 

This session showcased innovation and leadership in supplying essential services to rural communities with a focus on integrated solutions unique to small rural communities. 

Rural Community Transportation and Technology Advancements

November 9th 1:40-3:00pm Concurrent Session Moderated by Mitch Thomson, Executive Director of the Olds Institute

This session showcased emerging leaders in tackling the transportation and technology challenges related to rural communities. 

Housing Solutions and Changing Demographics of Rural Communities

November 9th 1:40-3:00pm Concurrent Session moderated by Norm McInnes, CAO Town of Olds

This session showcased innovative solutions being generated for addressing the growing social sustainability challenges associated with changing demographics of rural communities.

  • Town of Olds - Demographics Profile and Consideration for Social Development with Rita Thompson, Community Leader. View their presentation!
  • Medicine Hat - Leading an End to Homelessness: The Medicine Hat Story with Jamie Rogers.
  • Olds Age Friendly Initiative - Demographic Profile and Considerations for Social Development with Bernice Lynn and Erica Sweetman. View their presentation!
  • Rural Physician Action Plan - Health Workforce for Alberta with Chris Carr. View their presentation!

The Role of Agriculture in Rural Resilience - Entrepreneurship and Agri-Business Innovation

November 10th 10:45 - 12:00pm Concurrent Session Moderated by Lori Jo Graham, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

This session showcased blossoming entrepreneurship and innovation that is happening across the landscape of small town rural and agriculturally based communities.

Creating the Space to Empower Community Solutions

November 10th 10:45 - 12:00pm Concurrent Session Moderated by Kelly Lloyd, Coordinator of Strategic Affairs Town of Olds

This session showcased new ways to empower communities, and strengthen our leadership capacity as rural hubs of enterprise and innovation.

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