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P2S Calgary 2015-2020

SHIFT is a future-focused initiative informed by the outcomes and recommendations received at the P2S Calgary 2015 Future Cities Conference, and in consultation with the P2S Calgary Steering Committee to advance and accelerate Calgary’s capacity to become a sustainable city. 

It’s time to shift or get off the pot. We need to make decisions now about what the future will look like, instead of debating what is changing and how fast. We need to engage with the future, with vision, and consider the effects.  The SHIFT is an opportunity for us to come together and take a step into the future, embrace some of the possibilities and together, build the future we need. 

June Transitions - SHIFTING Ahead

SHIFT Event Photos

The Night SHIFT: On June 15th we hosted The Night Shift - which was a keynote reception for  Mick Cornett, Mayor of Oklahoma City. Over 70 local decision makers, community builders, and change-makers filled the room to enjoy networking, with local food and a cash bar sponsored by Village Brewery. 

Mick Cornett, a 4-term elected Mayor and President of the US Council of Mayors provided the captive audience with a picture of what it was like to transition a city to a new economy. Oklahoma City was shaped by the oil industry in the US, with over 90% of its economy fuelled by the industry, today after crisis and with an amazing vision the "City of Innovation" is flourishing, with only 3% of its economy reliant upon the oil and gas sector. 

The Day SHIFT: On June 16th we hosted Designing a Future City as an Interactive Conference with 16 Provocateurs. Over 70 delegates joined us for the workday, where participants focussed in on solutions and innovative ideas for the future of our economy, energy and food, transportation, and employment to understand the impacts and build some prototypes of how these things will work. At lunch we were joined by David Addison, Virgin Earth to explore how innovation is being fuelled by some of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that are shaping the future. 

 Everyone SHIFT: on June 17th we hosted Experiencing the Shift as a public Exhibitor Festival where hundreds of members of the community came down to the St. Louis Hotel and Celebration Square to experience the future "SHIFT" with over 35 exhibitors that included virtual reality, living walls, electric cars, and even a solar sound stage complete with musicians and salsa dancers!

Note: Over 140 MicroSHIFTS were identified through facilitated "Vision of the Future" engagement throughout the event! These are being compiled into a report that will be available here on our website shortly. 

This first SHIFT event took place at the St. Louis Hotel and was hosted in partnership with CMLC. A most fitting location. It is an historic structure repurposed to work in the future, seated in a neighbourhood with the same aims and in the shadow of two of Calgary’s most exciting projects (National Music Centre and the new Public Library building).

Pathways to Sustainability wants you to help us take a step into the future of Calgary. We will be providing opportunities to participate this unique and important initiative through a series of planned activities over the next year focusing on The SHIFT.  

Thank you to our event partners!

SHIFT Event Partners


Thank you to our Past P2S Champions, Partners, Sponsors

What people say about Pathways...

  • Chris Turner, Author & Change Agent

    Pathways 2 Sustainability in Red Deer was one of the best organized and rewarding conferences I've had the opportunity to speak at. Lisa makes everyone involved feel like they're part of a fantastic team doing vital work, and the connections formed at P2S were quick to happen and long-lasting thanks to her skilled, inclusive leadership
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