Pathways 2 Sustainability (P2S) is a facilitated experience designed to help communities identify and inspire local industry, academic, and government champions to lead the pathways 2 sustainability.

We convene a local steering committee in each host community, similar to the way a community would actually design a sustainability plan- we bring in key stakeholders and decision makers and curate all conference elements from strategic outcomes to workshops, partners, exhibitors, and side events.

Economic | Social | Environmental - P2S is about accelerating local ambitions to become resilient, economically sustainable, and environmentally responsible. 

Benefits to the Host Community

1. Showcase your Successes - Share your story with other communities, key industries and academics across Alberta and Canada

2. Bring Solutions to your Community - Invite industry innovators, other local and provincial success stories to your community to inspire local leadership

3. Build Momentum for your Sustainability Goals - Create opportunities for your local business, industry, and agency leaders to engage in your sustainability initiatives

Leading up to P2S 2017

In 2016, we are pulling together a Provincial Advisory Committee to lead P2S and help us plan strategically for the next 5 years. We intend to host a series of Provincial Round Tables and Rural Innovation Forums leading up to the next conference that will highlight unique and inspiring stories of municipal partnerships with industry and showcase innovative solutions for water, waste, energy, food, and bio-materials. 

Apply to Host P2S 2017

Starting in January, we will be accepting expressions of interest from municipalities, industries, and academics institutions. Please Contact Us prior to March 30th with the following:

1. A statement of why P2S could benefit your community

2. A brief history of initiatives that you have undertaken in your community to advance sustainability

3. A short list of key stakeholders that should be engaged in your conference initiative

Our Provincial Advisory Committee will review expressions of interest and make a decision by June 2016. 

*If you would like our Executive Director to attend a Council Meeting or make a presentation to your organization, please send us an expression of interest and indicate some preferred dates. There may be a requirement for travel expense reimbursement outside of the Calgary region. 

Thank you to our Past P2S Champions, Partners, Sponsors

What people say about Pathways...

  • Chris Turner, Author & Change Agent

    Pathways 2 Sustainability in Red Deer was one of the best organized and rewarding conferences I've had the opportunity to speak at. Lisa makes everyone involved feel like they're part of a fantastic team doing vital work, and the connections formed at P2S were quick to happen and long-lasting thanks to her skilled, inclusive leadership
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