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Decentralized Energy Canada

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My Test Shift Future Contest

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Endeavour Scientific

Endeavour Scientific helps clients not only understand the latest science, but think critically about it. We help you access and understand the science you need to support decision making.


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Government of Alberta

CARES Program - Alberta Government

As part of the Alberta Jobs Plan, the Alberta government has allocated $30 million over 2 years to promote long-term economic growth and prosperity in Alberta’s communities and regions through the new Community and Regional Economic Support (CARES) program.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 14:05


CAEP Areas of Focus

When we take a close look at the needs of our members and our strengths and capabilities as a Partnership, we believe that we are bested positioned to empower Central Alberta communities by:

Influential Relationships

We are catalysts for collaborative, community-minded relationships focused on advancing sustainable, regional development.

  • We seek out and nurture relationships with municipalities, institutions, business, associations, and individuals with a passion for and commitment to economic development.
  • We foster relationships around the values of our organization and in the interest of delivering our mission and working toward our vision.
  • We create networking opportunities that cultivate connections and enable collaboration between municipalities, institutions, associations, and businesses.

Knowledge-sharing and Resources

We create, share, and foster knowledge-sharing and the use of economic development tools to ensure communities are enabled and supported to advance innovative practices and prosperity.

  • We engage thought leaders to share their knowledge, experience, and stories with our members.
  • We foster a community of practice for economic development professionals to engage and learn from one another.
  • We work with Alberta’s community of Regional Economic Development Alliances to identity, test, and adopt effective tools, technologies, and practices that support economic development.
  • We deliver a Community Economic Indicators Report and a Community Investment Readiness evaluation process to strengthen Central Alberta communities’ economic development opportunities.

Capacity Building

We create learning and training opportunities, lead research, and identify regional trends that enable communities, including their economic development professionals, to identify, pursue, and achieve economic development opportunities.

  • We develop, identify, and deliver training opportunities, with a focus on business attraction, retention, and expansion as well as succession planning.
  • We coordinate research that has the potential to inform and enable our communities to identify and pursue economic development opportunities.
  • We create opportunities to identify regional trends and challenges to inform decision-making.

Reflecting regional interests

We work to understand and reflect the collective and unique interests of our region and communities, sharing, promoting, and actively representing our opportunities, successes, and desired outcomes.

  • We share a common purpose and work together to accurately and actively position our region for its strengths, merits, and opportunities.
  • We are the go-to source and authority for information and advice, to share challenges, successes, and best practices, and to work in pursuit of innovative and rewarding opportunities.
  • We are an active conduit to share and showcase opportunities, innovation, and achievements between all levels of government, institutions, businesses, and professional associations
  • We are a regional voice and actively reflect and advocate for the interests of our region with provincial and federal representatives and decision-makers.
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Green Hectares

In the largely rural Canadian province of Alberta, a group of young farmers have formed a nonprofit called Green Hectares in 2008. Its mission is to foster dynamic rural economies while bringing sustainability to agriculture. It takes existing and new community-based programs promoting entrepreneurship and smarter farming and shares them over a growing online community. To keep that community growing, Green Hectares operates a mobile computer lab and brings technology, entrepreneurship and agricultural training events to communities throughout the province.

Rural Prosperity Initiative - Supporting Entrepreneurship in Rural Alberta 

Participants in this project would benefit with entrepreneur facilitation.  Based on the Siroli method, the combination of individual facilitation, building local resource boards and then being able to enhance the project through information from the Entrepreneur Exchanges would be an interesting component. It would be a method that could work with government, community organizations or businesses.  As a component, we could help with the on the ground collection of data, information and reporting.
Working online and face to face work we could support through the use of the computer labs or tech training.
We could facilitate a benefit to helping find a variety of case studies from other regions to help in their (the communities that take up this program) decision making process as well as doing some initial background research on that community to build a base of information before they go into a community.  

Wendy Schneider

Executive Director, Green Hectares

Business | Agriculture | Community

780 977 0318

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 14:34

Alberta Chapter Canada Green Building Council

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is Canada’s only member-based organization that is purely dedicated to the advancement of green building across the country. Together with our members here in Alberta, and the vast network of industry professionals associated with our other six Chapters across the country, we can all play a vital role in the advancement and successful transformation of Canada’s built environment.

  • Learn
    • The CaGBC is the leading provider of green building education in Alberta. Choose from workshops, green building tours and informal learning opportunities, to facilitate your professional development.
  • Network
    • Our events bring together green building leaders, professionals and supporters. We also connect individuals in the community through our educational programs.
  • Volunteer
    • There are many ways for members to get involved at the local level – become a volunteer, mentor and leader.


The Alberta Chapter - CaGBC seeks to:

Lead and accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Alberta.


A transformed built environment leading to a sustainable future.

To find out more about becoming a member of the Alberta Chapter, visit:

o: (403) 456-5595



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Recycling Council of Alberta

The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) is a not-for-profit, non-political organization formed in 1987, and approved as an official charity in 1995. Its members include a wide array of organizations and individuals, including municipalities, corporations, small business, service providers, and non-profits, that come together to advance waste reduction and recycling in Alberta.

The RCA's mission is to promote and facilitate waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation in the Province of Alberta. Through a consultative approach and support of partners (i.e., government, industry, stewardship organizations and other associations) and additional stakeholders, the RCA will pursue protection of the environment through resource conservation following the 3Rs hierarchy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Residual Waste Management within a vision of a pathway to Zero Waste. Specifically, the RCA supports the development and ongoing provision of recycling and waste reduction programs in communities with a population of less than 25,000. 

Increasing recycling has strong societal triple bottom line advantages, including:

  • Environmental

o     Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions

o     Pollution prevention

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Plains Midstream

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 14:06

Stratagem Innovation Capital Partners

Stratagem Innovation Capital Partners is a private equity & venture capital partnership which, through its US and Canadian Funds, incubates innovative technologies to produce impactful businesses in the CleanTech, Life Sciences, and New Media sectors. Our interest extends across all communities, however we have a special emphasis on empowering South Asian Sikh communities in Canada and the US. 

We believe the spirit under which innovation is formed is a vital part of its growth.  With deep roots originating in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, what began as a family owned sustainable farm in the 1970’s has evolved into a private equity enterprise that continues to honor its heritage of grass roots innovation, sustainability and technology. We seek out early-stage “blue ocean” ideas that make a measured and positive impact on the world. 

Guided by the values and entrepreneurial spirit of multi-cultural Canadians, operating in both Canada and the US, we partner with innovators, government and academia to apply our proprietary Rapid Acceleration Methodology (RAM) to evaluate the merit, marketability, and business value of the latest technologies available to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

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