Tuesday, 05 May 2015 21:31


Since you are paying for your power bill on a monthly basis anyhow, why not switch to a power co-operative that allows you to be an owner in the business? SPARK is Albertaʼs first member-owned retail power co-operative focused on renewable energy. At SPARK, we believe that we can do much better for conscientious Albertans by working together to take the role of power retailing into our own hands, and together, start moving the needle on how Alberta produces and consumes its power. Besides offering competitively priced non-renewable electricity options, we also provide our customers with the opportunity to power their home with 100% "Made in Alberta" renewable energy. SPARK’s Green Offset Program cuts through the red tape and regulatory barriers, and allows small solar and wind generators in Alberta to sell their excess renewable energy to SPARK's Green Power Rate customers. As a co-operative, we do not have any multi-million dollar salaries or corporate expense accounts to pay for. In fact, as a member owner at SPARK, you are entitled to a piece of our annual profits! Also, we plan to reinvest 70% of our annual profits into renewable energy projects in the province and you can help us decide how that is directed. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up with SPARK. Join us today!



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