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Since you are paying for your power bill on a monthly basis anyhow, why not switch to a power co-operative that allows you to be an owner in the business? SPARK is Albertaʼs first member-owned retail power co-operative focused on renewable energy. At SPARK, we believe that we can do much better for conscientious Albertans by working together to take the role of power retailing into our own hands, and together, start moving the needle on how Alberta produces and consumes its power. Besides offering competitively priced non-renewable electricity options, we also provide our customers with the opportunity to power their home with 100% "Made in Alberta" renewable energy. SPARK’s Green Offset Program cuts through the red tape and regulatory barriers, and allows small solar and wind generators in Alberta to sell their excess renewable energy to SPARK's Green Power Rate customers. As a co-operative, we do not have any multi-million dollar salaries or corporate expense accounts to pay for. In fact, as a member owner at SPARK, you are entitled to a piece of our annual profits! Also, we plan to reinvest 70% of our annual profits into renewable energy projects in the province and you can help us decide how that is directed. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up with SPARK. Join us today!



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Safer Calgary

The Safer Calgary coalition is a broad alliance of individuals and groups representing a common interest of decreasing the potential for preventable harm and death in the city of Calgary.

We do this by:

  • Gaining and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to or prevent harm and death. This understanding will be supported by careful measurement and monitoring of key processes and outcomes with regular reports of this evolving understanding being offered to the community at large.
  • Recommending, initiating and reporting on coordinated activities that target gaps and opportunities uncovered in the evolving understanding of preventing harm in Calgary.
  • Mobilizing institutions, organizations, local communities, neighbourhoods and individual families and citizens.
  • Using expertise and understanding to build community and institutional capacity so that they are more resilient and more able to assist in the development of individual resilience.
  • Ensuring the diverse array of individuals in our community are able to access the knowledge and skills to keep themselves, their families and their communities safe.
  • Importing effective initiatives, knowledge and experience from outside the Calgary community for delivery in our city.
  • Contributing to a safe global community by leading and participating in activities rooted in the national and international community.
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Unstoppable Conversations

The Path to Transformation and The Courage to Rewrite the Future

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Albert Einstein

Whenever a group of leaders wants to create a new future, when they want real change, they almost always look to change some “thing”…the people, the resources, the vision, the goal, the plan.  They rarely look at the culture or the past-based thinking that creates invisible and powerful limits to imagining and implementing what’s truly possible.

Because of this paradigm of past-based thinking, innovation is seen as a threat. Groups easily become invested in conversations for:

“How do we hang on to what we've already got?” 

“How do we win, even if others have to lose?”

“How do we survive?”

Same old paradigm.  Same old conflicts.  Same old results.  Same old world.

The net result of uninterrupted survival-based thinking is a slow and predictable downward spiral that crushes innovation, breaks collaboration, and suppresses leadership.  In times of rapid, unrelenting change it becomes invaluable to uncover and then alter ones past-derived and taken-for-granted thinking. After all, it is the past-derived thinking that has gotten us into this mess in the first place.

This interactive workshop will take you beyond your typical strategies for “getting by” and have you discover your paradigm of survival. The workshop will leave you able to rapidly see and change your hidden and automatic approach to innovation, collaboration, and leadership. It will leave you with a unique way to alter an otherwise predictable future.

You’ll see what others don’t see:  once you discover your own default approach you’ll  quickly identify them in others. This will leave you with entirely new actions to take that will make a difference in historically stuck relationships and situations.

You’ll say what others won’t say:  you will discover that the way you speak is part of a pattern that keeps situations stuck. It does take two to tango. You will create new ways of speaking that require others to also say different things; things that will move your mutual agenda forward with unprecedented velocity.

You’ll do what others can’t do: the result of both seeing and saying different things is that you’ll do different things, individually and as a group. You will naturally shed the bankrupt notion of independent action and discover the power of TRUE collaboration and partnership.

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