Advanced Water Technologies

Increasingly, the management of water and wastewater is becoming a challenge for many municipalities. Ever increasing population demands and human influence have caused a number of issues.

Advanced Water Technologies (AWT) uses an environmentally friendly solution to address a number of problems in natural or man made bodies of water, as well as in sewage or wastewater systems. AWT’s Bio-Products (a combination of naturally occurring soil bacteria) drastically improve efficiency, costs, sludge reduction, odours (H2S), and most importantly, compliance in wastewater systems. Dewatering, digesting, equipment maintenance and finding suitable disposal sites all impact sludge treatment costs. Using a secondary biological treatment, with the goal of enhanced nitrification, AWT assists wastewater plants to meet ammonia discharge limits, in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

AWT’s Bio-Products address many important water quality parameters in lakes and ponds as well. Outcompeting algae for nutrients, and digesting sludge at a rapid rate restores balance to the ecosystem in a natural way. The overall result is a much healthier body of water, using something nature has already created. 

By using AWT’s Bio-Products, municipal and industrial biological sludge treatment costs can be reduced by 15-40% compared to historical sludge treatment costs.

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