Utility Net

The UTILITY NETWORK is a secure online and hands free service. It is somewhat similar to a private cooperative network of independent retailers who are using UTILITYnet’s data center as a centralized back-office data and invoice processing hub. The retailing system is designed to process all metered and consumer invoicing data on behalf of UTILITYnet’s retail clients and respective customers. The internet based service bureau is linked into all major Wire Service Providers in the province. Ongoing major investments are continuing to be made into the concept of “Cloud Computing”, “Energy Management Reporting”, “Paperless Billing” and “Online Banking”. But most importantly, the new retailers now have access to the same robust database and automated systems that Alberta’s major industrial clients have been using for over 3 decades. UTILITYnet has removed one of the major barriers to entry into the competitive market and encourages either municipalities and local entrepreneurs all over Alberta to seriously consider opening up their own local electricity retailing business.
Within the next twenty four months, it is anticipated that the new UTILITY NETWORK will be expanded to include 25 regional electricity retailers in Alberta.
Visit The Electricity Shop to see a complete list of our affiliate retailers.
UTILITYnet is changing the concept of retailing in Alberta.
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