Rural Innovation Forums

Rural Innovation Forums - Rural Prosperity Initiative

Sustainability Resources is partnering with local governments, economic development agencies, and local industry stakeholders to host capacity-building educational forums and round tables where both administrative and industry stakeholders will learn how to identify and accelerate viable projects.

These events are an opportunity to engage both rural community leaders and agri-business leaders in the identification of ideas, tools, resources, and approaches to sustainability.

Purpose:  1.)  provide a forum for showcasing successes related to rural prosperity; and 2.) identify project-ready opportunities related to water, waste,  and energy.

Content: Case Studies and related knowledge sharing of innovative agri-business solutions examples that are being deployed in Alberta and BC to address challenges of the changing dynamics of rural agricultural communities.

Experience: Identify opportunities to address reduction of green house gas emissions, consider water and wastewater reuse, and explore waste to energy as both; economic development drivers within a rural agricultural context, and as innovative infrastructure solutions. 

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