DIRTT Environmental Solutions

DIRTT, which stands for Doing It Right This Time, is devoted to creating building interiors that produce less waste, respond to technology, and support its inhabitants for a long and vibrant life-cycle.


We are Doing It Right This Time, because last time with conventional construction, the computer power didn't exist to go from design, to real-time 3D, to specifications, to the production floor. Last time environmental sustainability wasn’t tied to the bottom line. Last time there was no such thing as being able to affordably manufacture individualized spaces. This time, DIRTT is giving clients and the interior construction industry a new way to Build better. This time we are doing it right.



DIRTT interiors are suitable for commercial offices, schools, hospitality, retail, and most areas of healthcare.  

  • Reception areas
  • Administration
  • Patient rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Meeting areas
  • Refreshment stations


For more information, visit http://www.dirtt.net

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