Brookfield Residential

We haven’t always called it ‘sustainability’ – but doing the right thing for the environment and the communities in which we operate has been part of our culture for almost 60 years


Originally founded in Calgary in 1958, we are proud of our long track record in creating “The Best Places to Call Home” and our legacy for future generations


The merger that created Brookfield Residential in 2011 located the North American head office in Calgary. This allows us to learn, share and apply new ideas from across the US and Canada towards better, more sustainable homes and communities. We have just launched our internal Sustainable Brookfield initiative to capitalize on our combined experience and drive positive change.


We believe that sustainability can be measured against the triple bottom line – environmental, economic and social. Put another way it’s about creating a healthy environment, economy and community.


Our people are passionate about continuous improvement and driving innovation in Calgary. We were one of the first to promote Low Impact Design (LID) storm-water practices on a large scale. We have invested in research through MRU into ways to improve storm-water quality. We foster social interaction and community formation through our Homeowner Associations programming and place-making. And we are heavily involved in working to maintain housing affordability and choice for Calgarians – a key part of our City’s quality of life and competitive advantage.


We look to partner with other progressive companies and organizations like Pathway2Sustainability that share our values. Together we can make informed decisions that create better homes, better communities and replenish our common planet.


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