Green Hectares

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In the largely rural Canadian province of Alberta, a group of young farmers have formed a nonprofit called Green Hectares in 2008. Its mission is to foster dynamic rural economies while bringing sustainability to agriculture. It takes existing and new community-based programs promoting entrepreneurship and smarter farming and shares them over a growing online community. To keep that community growing, Green Hectares operates a mobile computer lab and brings technology, entrepreneurship and agricultural training events to communities throughout the province.

Rural Prosperity Initiative - Supporting Entrepreneurship in Rural Alberta 

Participants in this project would benefit with entrepreneur facilitation.  Based on the Siroli method, the combination of individual facilitation, building local resource boards and then being able to enhance the project through information from the Entrepreneur Exchanges would be an interesting component. It would be a method that could work with government, community organizations or businesses.  As a component, we could help with the on the ground collection of data, information and reporting.
Working online and face to face work we could support through the use of the computer labs or tech training.
We could facilitate a benefit to helping find a variety of case studies from other regions to help in their (the communities that take up this program) decision making process as well as doing some initial background research on that community to build a base of information before they go into a community.  

Wendy Schneider

Executive Director, Green Hectares

Business | Agriculture | Community

780 977 0318

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